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Domestic Projects-The conference room of Fuzhou Discipline Inspection Commission applied Restmoment paperless conference system

        Fuzhou is the capital of Fujian Province, the political, cultural and transportation center of Fujian Province. Also it is one of the central cities of the economic zone on the west side of the Straits.
        As an important place for the economic, political and people's livelihood research, Fuzhou Discipline Inspection and Inspection Committee has put forward higher requirements for the stability of its conference system. It is necessary to ensure the efficiency of the conference and the quality of the conference. In order to meet the needs of high-density conferences, Restmoment has customized a more efficient, more confidential and stable paperless conference system.
       The 15.6-inch dual-screen lifting integrated terminal RX-D6102 provided by Restmoment in this project adopts an integrated dual-screen design. It is the first in-circuit asynchronous drive in China, ensuring dual screen synchronization to display different contents. The overall CNC design, integrated molding, the thinnest part is only 4.8MM. The front screen resolution is 1920×1080, 15.6 inches. The rear screen is 10.1 inches, and the HD resolution is 1280×800. It supports HDMI signal transmission and supports network port interface. The participant's name/title/unit name/LO GO/emblem/condominium can be displayed. The background can be customized for network editing and supports timed refresh. Ensure high-definition display of meeting content.

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        The chairman unit and the delegate unit are RX-C3100/V and RX-D3100/V, which are combined with the paperless conference system. The embedded design is stylish and exquisite. With all-digital audio processing technology, the sound quality is close to CD-quality. Built-in high-fidelity speakers, effectively suppress microphone whistling. Each unit has an arbitrary assigned IP address, easy to install and avoid IP address duplication. It is widely used in group discussions developed by modern high-level conferences. With central control host, multimedia conference terminal, decoder and amplifier audio and HD camera use, the wiring is simple, which is helpful for troubleshooting, greatly reducing the probability of failure and ensuring the stability and security of the conference.

Project photo

        The paperless conference system simplifies pre-conference construction and eliminates the need for document distribution before the conference. Nameplate setting and printing, and directly importing the contents of the conference documents into the system. It greatly shortens the meeting time and is more environmentally friendly, ensuring that the conference is more Efficient progress. The conference will be checked in, the topic view, reading comments, document distribution, data uploading, screen sharing, conference communication, electronic whiteboard and conference services integrated. And the participants can operate on the electronic display screen in a unified manner. After the meeting, you can view the contents of the historical meeting, as well as delete the meeting records and documents, with high confidentiality.
        The success of Restmoment in another case in Fuzhou stems caused by its strong R&D team, high standards of quality excellence and a comprehensive after-sales service system. Restmoment has been deeply involved in the field of conference systems. Over the years, it has been adhering to the ingenuity of the user, replacing the traditional conference mode with revolutionary digital technology. And it is committed to improving the quality of products and satisfactory services for users. Focus, so professional!

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