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Domestic Projects-The Application of Restmoment Conference System in China Unicom Shangdong Branch

       China Unicom Shandong Branch is a branch of China Unicom in Shandong Province and is responsible for China Unicom's business in Shandong Province. On September 16, 1995 formally established. Shandong Unicom consists of 17 municipal branches and 147 county-level branches, the provincial branch has 21 departments under the department. The province's Unicom system has a total of more than 2,800 regular employees. Shandong Unicom completed a total investment of 17 billion yuan, forming more than 160 billion yuan in fixed assets. Transmission and communication built nearly 7000 km trunk lines, local network transmission lines more than 60,000 kilometers, forming a large capacity, high speed, covering the province, connecting the strong transmission communications network at home and abroad. China Unicom Shandong Branch chose Restmoment conference system RX-6640 series.

       Shandong Unicom wants to install a hand in hand conference system to meet the daily and business needs of some meetings. After several discussions, they decided to use Restmoment RX-6640 series. Restmoment RX-6640 series is developed for the advanced conference with discussion, simultaneous interpretation, high-fidelity speakers and other functional conference unit. Not only look exquisite, the product uses all-metal to create the appearance and sleek design, stylish, sophisticated highlight noble. And Restmoment RX-6640 series uses all-digital audio processing and transmission technology, largely improving the stability of the transmission. Using Restmoment electronic original digital conference technology, it complys with IEC6091 international standards. And high-fidelity sound quality also makes the customer very satisfied. China Unicom Shandong Branch likes Restmoment RX-6640 series for innovative technology and quality product quality. Thank China Unicom Shandong Branch’s support for Restmoment Conference System!

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