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Domestic Projects-" E rent treasure " Case in Court - Restmoment Digital Court Audio System

       Beijing's First Intermediate People's Court heard the first P2P financial fraud case in China on January 26 -27, defending 26 defendants and defending lawyers. The court is equipped with the Raymond Digital Court Audio System and Restmoment Hidden System The combination of RX-6800 and RX-M10 seamlessly brings great convenience to the trial of this case.

       Beijing City People's Procuratorate, the first branch of the indictment accused the defendant units Anhui Yucheng Holding Group, Yucheng International Holding Group Co., Ltd., Ding Ning and other defendants in June 2014 to December 2015 period, through its established "e rent treasure "" Sesame Financial "Internet platform illegal fund-raising facts; most of the funds raised after the second unit is not used for production and management, and squandered part of the proceeds, part of the proceeds will be used for criminal activities, resulting in a particularly significant economic losses.
       At the same time, prosecutors prosecuted allegations of smuggling of precious metals by units accused by the relevant defendants and some of the defendants, crimes involving the illegal possession of firearms suspected by some of the defendants and crimes of border crossing.
       More than 80 defendants and relatives, some fund-raising participants, NPC deputies, CPPCC members, journalists and people from all walks of life attended the hearing.

       Restmoment digital courtroom audio system is a system developed by Restmoment with years of rich experience in the audio industry and specially applied to different courtroom scenarios. The system adopts all-digital audio processing technology with feedback suppression circuit to make the sound quality clear and bright, Suitable for all large, medium and small court systems.

       Restmoment digital courtroom audio system is independently developed patent AVD-Auto Voice Detect (automatic voice detection technology), the voice excitation mode can automatically identify the voice of the current speech, will not be affected by the environment and false trigger; open protocol, and each The system of brand trial is seamless and compatible. The system has the function of identity setting and authority distribution. The trial judge and clerk can independently control the prosecution and defense witnesses, the suspect's speech unit and the judge as the main control, and the clerk as assistant control. , The output does not affect the sound reinforcement of the scene; ad hoc hand in hand witness seats, suspects vertical speaking unit; the system uses network cable hand in hand connection and ring hand in hand, 5 units output, each unit can be connected to 15 units ; Superior anti-cell phone interference ability, no noise when calling; with the court system can achieve remote control.

       Restmoment RX-6800 embedded lift conference system, is developed for the modernization of the conference set discussion, video tracking, original lift and other multi-function as one of the high-end systems. Adopting the original full digital conference technology of Restmoment, it conforms to the IEC60914 international standard. It has built-in 24-point automatic feedback suppression function, and the sound of all channels is close to the CD quality. Integrated manual control, group control, It adopts the advanced photoelectric positioning system of the industry to realize the precise positioning. The conference unit has the features of flexible use, stable performance, good shock resistance and ultra-low noise. The system adopts a 6 pin hand-in-hand connection and can be connected in a ring hand in hand.

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