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Domestic Projects-Fuqing Municipal People's Congress application Restmoment conference system

       Fuqing City is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou, Fujian Province. Fuqing refers to as "financial" and its name refers to the name of Yu Rong, whose name is derived from the phrase "mountains from Yongfu Lane, Yongfu "," Qing source "two words. It is located in the east coast of Fujian Province and is located in the south wing of Fuzhou, the central hub of the economic zone of the west bank of the Taiwan Strait and the capital of the provincial capital. Fuqing is known as the "State of Literature". The Fuqing Municipal People's Congress applied Restmoment electronic digital wireless handheld voter RX-D2813 series.

       Restmoment electronic voting system is Restmoment ADCS conference system, one of the functional modules, with the multi-function conference host, meeting delegates simply press the voting button according to the meeting agenda, you can easily complete the voting from the sign to the motion of various types of work . 2.4G data radio communication technology, the implementation of multi-level encryption and error correction, high security, equipped with 160 × 128 color graphics TFT display, wireless voting conference with wireless voting host using two-way authentication mechanism, data multiple verification , Accurate and reliable, the components SMD (SMD welding process), designed to withstand 1.5 m free fall vibration of industrial-grade seismic standards, data transfer rates up to 10MBPS faster computing, more stable, each voter has a unique IP address, To ensure the stability of the equipment system, LCD screen, can display system status and operating instructions, easy to use. System-specific security features make the representative keys to maximize the true desire to reflect, without fear of being peep or record tracking. Particularly suitable for all levels of people's congresses, government agencies, international conferences, public forums, board of directors and other important decision-making occasions.

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