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Domestic Projects-Luoyang City People's Congress renovation project identified Restmoment conference system

       Luoyang Municipal People's Congress is composed of representatives from 15 municipal counties (cities), high-tech zones, Yi-Bin and People's Liberation Army and armed police units in the city of Luo, each serving a term of five years. Since 1954, the first Municipal People's Congress has been convened. Currently, it is the 14th People's Congress and 484 of the existing Municipal People's Congresses. The Standing Committee of Luoyang Municipal People's Congress is the standing organ of the Municipal People's Congress and is responsible to the Municipal People's Congress.

       The 14th People's Congress of Luoyang City set up a special committee or legal committee to take charge of the unified deliberation of the municipal people's congress and its Standing Committee's local legislation and draft laws and regulations.

       In order to meet the deliberations, discussions, reports and other conference work, after many visits and careful consideration by the Luoyang Municipal People's Congress Committee, decided to use the Restmoment conference system to meet the needs of the conference. The Restmoment Electronics for the Luoyang City People's Congress provides a conference host is a host, the chairman on behalf of Taiwan, representing 23 units. This Restmoment conference system is built using a fully digital system that perfectly meets the required discussion functions and delivers the best sound quality due to transmission technology.

       In order to make the meeting successfully held, with the cooperation of our company Restmoment and Luoyang Zhenghong Electronics Co., Ltd., the project was successfully completed at the request of Party A and the whole project was completed in less than two weeks. Therefore, Luoyang People's Congress Committee is very grateful to this.
       Luoyang People's Congress Committee's approval, further affirmed Restmoment in the conference system industry's position, will also promote Restmoment in the industry of continuous innovation and continuous development. In the future, Restmoment brand will be to create the conference system in the field of high-end brand responsibility, continuous research and innovation, to meet the high-tech society, becoming the pioneer in the conference system industry.

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