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Domestic Projects-Restmoment conference system settled in Qingdao National Laboratory of marine science and technology

       Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology is one of 10 national laboratories started by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2006 and is jointly set up by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Shandong Province and Qingdao Municipality, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the PRC Academy of Sciences, the State Oceanic Administration to provide support, mainly relying on China Ocean University, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the First Institute of Oceanography of the State Oceanic Administration, the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Land and Resources Qingdao Institute of Marine Geology five research institutes National marine science and technology innovation system is an important part. National laboratories are laboratories owned by the state and rely on to solve the urgent scientific and strategic issues that the state urgently needs and represent the highest level of scientific research in a certain field in the country. In the most meaningful laboratory in this country, the conference equipment that can achieve high-tech, high-level and high-quality must be selected. The Restmoment digital conference system undoubtedly settled in Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology.

       Qingdao Marine Science and Technology National Laboratory is selected Restmoment RX-3000 series of speech and discussion, video tracking series of conference systems. This conference system has an advanced and open architecture. The entire system can show the development of today's conference technology, with advanced features such as security, confidentiality and anti-interference, stability and voice clarity. The biggest function of the system is to protect the security and confidentiality during the conference. Important conferences generally involve major decisions of the country or regions, and the requirements for confidentiality and anti-interference are also very high. The conference process uses one person, one machine for conference distribution, the participants only need to press the microphone switch button to speak, and the video image will automatically track the speaker; the system uses hand in hand connection, with centralized management and control mode, Functional requirements based on humanity, simple operation, easy maintenance, management convenience, fully reflects the practicality.

Restmoment all digital conferencing system some features:
1, Adopt high-speed RISC embedded digital processing hardware architecture, with hot-plugging function of line charging to enhance system running speed and ensure system stability and security. The system boot-up system has the function of self-defining conference unit number.
2, using all-digital audio transmission and processing technology, built-in input and output digital volume control, the system input and output signals for human adjustment, channel sound close to CD quality, transmission distance between devices up to 150 meters
3, the system supports first-line hand in hand connection, Y-line connection, junction box junction and ring hand in hand.

       On October 21, the first session of the Academic Committee of the National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology in Qingdao was held and the first plenary meeting was held at the Ocean National Laboratory Academic Exchange Center. The meeting discussed and approved the Working Regulations of the Academic Committee of National Laboratory of Marine Science and Technology in Qingdao, listened to the report on the construction plan and work progress of Ocean National Laboratory and planned the development plan for the "13th Five-Year Plan" of Ocean National Laboratory. During the meeting, the high-fidelity sound quality and all-round functional service of the conference system of Restmoment gave a powerful guarantee for the meeting and was highly appreciated by the participants.

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