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Domestic Projects-Taishan Medical University adopts Restmoment Electron products

      Taishan Medical University was founded in 1891 as the Medical School of Huamei Hospital. The university was co-founded with Gonghe Medical School in 1903 which was called Medical college of Qilu university later. The Loude Branch College of Shandong Medical College was founded in 1974 and then was moved to Tai’an City in 1979. Its name was changed into the Tai’an Branch College of Shandong Medical College. With the approval of the State Council in 1981, its name was then changed to Taishan Medical University. In November 2006, Taishan Medical University passed the first round of Undergraduate-Teaching-Evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education with excellent grade. It is also the pilot university of the reform on Clinical-Master-Training-Mode approved by the Ministry of Education and the National Health and Family Planning Commission. Now lecture hall of Taishan Medical University adopts RESTMOMENT full digital table top unit RX 3500 series products.

      Restmoment full digital tabletop conference unit RX 3500 series adopts full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60914 international standard. All digital audio transmission technique, point to point connection mode, remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between equipments could reach at 150m. The whole system adopts hand by hand connection. Strong anti-interference from mobile phone; Anti-interference from external driving source. RX 3500 multi-function tabletop conference system includes discussion, sign-in and voting functions which can meet all the requirements of Taishan Medical University’s lecture hall. Thanks for the support from Taishan Medical University!

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