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International Projects-Restmoment helps the second China-Russia Innovation Investment Forum

       The 2nd China-Russia Innovation Investment Forum was held in Harbin. At the forum, both China and Russia mainly focused on the development status, trends and potentials of innovation and investment in China and Russia; the cross-border high-tech industries and projects financing mode in China and Russia; the cooperation mode of Sino-Russian innovation and investment funds; the joint innovation and investment operation mechanism between China and Russia And other issues through the keynote speeches, special dialogues, road shows, project shows and other forms, the latest achievements in the development of investment and technology in China and Russia to promote the transfer of high-tech industry projects in China and Russia to explore China-Russia cooperation fund establishment and cooperation mechanisms and The obstacles existing between the two countries further promote the deep integration of investment in China and Russia. Restmoment electronic digital infrared simultaneous interpretation system in the second China - Russia Innovation Investment Forum.

       The conference applies over 300 sets of Restmoment Electronic All-digital Infrared Simultaneous System . the system conforms to the IEC60914 international standard & passed the ISO9001: 2000 certification and ROHs, CE, FCC and CCC certification. New digital lock security features to completely eliminate external malicious interference and eavesdropping to ensure the independence of receiving equipment; to break the traditional analog system fixed frequency transceiver mode, using 2 --- 8MHz band, free from high-frequency drive light interference; with Receive 32 audio channels to receive function; using high-speed RISC embedded digital processing hardware architecture to enhance the speed of system operation and ensure the stability of the system; all digital audio transmission and processing technology, all channels of sound close to CD quality; built-in 200 Multi-national language name, all units on the LCD can independently display the name of the channel you are listening to; with meeting management software, you can get more value-added features, the operation easier, more efficient and more humane.

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