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International Projects-Restmoment in Iran

      Iran is the major economies in Asia. Also it is a founder member of the United Nations and the member of the Non-Aligned Movement, OIC and OPEC. RX 6600 system and other Restmoment Conference Equipments are installed in Iran Parliament Conference.

      Full digital premium conference controller RX-M6600/VB is core component of RESTMOMENT ADCS conference system. It realizes the communication with speaking units and PC management software functional modules. It centralized controls discussion, video tracking, voting and recording through 5 directional navigation key board of the front panel and 2.8 inch LCD screen.

      RX 6600 system has Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60914 international standard and GBT15381-94 national standard. True full digital conference technique; digital signal for controlling and transmission; professional 6 pin cable for connecting; remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Also RX 6600 full digital system can work with Restmoment Sign-in, voting and central control system to provide comprehensive solution for modern conference.

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